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International Symposium on Mathematics Education and Innovation (ISMEI) is a biennially event which aims to foster the exchange of innovative ideas and strategies for mathematics teaching and learning in modern classrooms. This international forum also provides an opportunity for mathematics educators to foster collaboration and partnership.

The theme for this year’s 5th ISMEI is ‘Preparing Future Generations Through Transdisciplinary Learning’.

Some issues in learning mathematics at schools are related to concepts, knowledge, and skills students acquired to be used outside school. The world will demand these concepts, knowledge, and skills of its youth to make contributions to global problems which getting more complex.

Mathematics is viewed as a vehicle for describing and analysing the world around us. Realizing the importance of mathematics for solving problems, it will be very essential for teachers to embrace a variety of other bodies of knowledge while teaching mathematics at schools. This is because learning mathematics alone would not be so powerful to solve problems in real life. We should provide opportunities to students to learn mathematics and other subjects in more integrative ways. On the other words, mathematics teaching and learning in class should allow students to make connection with different disciplines, world views, and contexts. Therefore, they can construct their own meaning and transfer learning to real world applications.


At the 5th ISMEI, these issues would be in the spotlight. We are looking forward to your contribution and participation.